2018 Slides and Videos

Adapting the US CPS and Endorsements for the American Public School System

Jen Padron has seen multiple benefits for developing programmatic models of Peer Workforce deliverables. You will learn how to apply the Certified Peer Specialist and Endorsements (Vet to Vet, Family to Family, Transition Age Youth, Recovery Coach, Forensic Recovery Specialist) to support Peer to Peer initiatives nationally.


The Pre Conference is for Peer based Providers in the US States offering Medicaid Waiver opportunities for a 2018 roll-out. A brand new US Public Schools Secondary Environment Transition Age Youth Certified Peer Specialist Recovery Coach business model will be used as the working example for developing your fiscally sustainable P2P wrap-around supportive portfolio.


The Impact of Sexual Assault on Mental Health

Every 98 seconds, someone the US is sexually assaulted. This is unacceptable. With the re-energized #metoo campaign and news stories regarding sexual violence almost daily, let's get to the facts. Let's acknowledge the reality that 1 in 5 people live in. Let's address what survivors face in the aftermath, and how we can better support and advocate. Let's call out false narratives and demand accountability. Let's create safer, more informed communities. Let's do something.

What is Reality?

Many of us with psychiatric labels have been told we are "out of touch with reality." But what is reality? How does it work? In this workshop we will examine new ways to view reality that are inclusive even to those who live with unusual experiences. We will also examine the science of reality. Is it possible that those of us diagnosed with “mental illness” are actually experiencing a deeper reality, not a delusional one?

Peer-run Crisis Respites: It's Our Time!

A mix of information about successful Peer-Run Respite models in the United States. We will take time to gather input about what people want our Oregon Peer-Run Respites to look like.

Intentional Peer Support: Foundation for Various Roles in Support

Intentional Peer Support by Shery Mead (IPS):

3 principles: Helping to Learning, Fear to Hope, Individual to Relationship

4 Tasks: Connection/Worldview/Mutuality/Moving Towards

What are the various roles of peer and human services supports and how does IPS apply. IPS provides a relationship based model to maintain authentic and holistic foundation which allows for mutually walking with individuals. The word Intentional in IPS, specifically means intentionally doing something different and non traditional.