Conference Accessibility

At Peerpocalypse, we strive to be a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive place for everyone. We value each person’s gifts, inner strength, life experiences, and capacity to grow. If you need assistance in organizing your participation at Peerpocalypse, please contact us at and we will do our best to accomodate your needs (though we ask for grace during this busy time and allow a few days to respond). 

Wellness Room

During the conference, please visit the wellness room provided on the second floor, in the Sunset Room. This room is meant to recenter, create artwork, listen to music, access support, and/or just sit in silence. We've set aside specific times for People of Color to use the room. Times will be announced in the program. 

Interpretation Services

American Sign Language interpretation and Spanish translation are available during the conference. We need to know in advance if you would like one of these services. Please email Peerpocalypse at to give us advance notice and indicate your desire for ASL or Spanish translation services on your registration form by March 13th. Please share this information with people who may be interested. 

Service and Support Animals

Please be sure to contact your chosen hotel and inform them that you are bringing a service/support animal with you. The hotels Peerpocalypse works with welcomes both, but have their individual policies.


The Seaside Convention Center does not allow support animals at this time due to food regulations, however, they do allow licensed service animals. 

Scent Free Conference

To respect the needs of all participants, please do not use perfume, cologne, or strongly scented creams, powders, or cosmetics at the conference. 


Additionally, please smoke the in the designated areas outside of the conference building at a minium of 10-feet from the conference center entrances.  

Registration for Personal Aides

Personal aides who are attending solely to facilitate the attendance of another may register at a special $100 full-time rate (rate includes all meals and does not allow for CEU credits). This personal attendant registration is only for those whose presence is required to assist a Peerpocalypse attendee with disabilities or limitations that would preclude them from attending without assistance. Contact Sunny Briscoe at to arrange registration for a personal aide.