About Peerpocalypse:

Peerpocalypse is a conference of leaders, emerging leaders, innovators, and peers who want to become more involved in the peer community. Adopting the philosophy that peers bring with them a great deal of knowledge and expertise, the event is about bringing the community together to share information, skills, and experience.


Why do we need a conference like Peerpocalypse?

  • BECAUSE: Decisions about us continue to be made without us.
  • BECAUSE: Too many members of our community are unemployed or underemployed.
  • BECAUSE: A quarter of people who are incarcerated experience mental health challenges.
  • BECAUSE: Approximately 50% of people who are incarcerated meet criteria for substance use disorder.
  • BECAUSE: Addiction is not just about substance use (ie: gambling addiction and other process addictions).
  • BECAUSE: Too many members of our community live in poverty.
  • BECAUSE: Members of our community die 25 years earlier than the general population.
  • BECAUSE: We need to be reminded there is hope.
  • BECAUSE: Coming together awakens our energy so we can all keep doing the vital work we are doing.
  • BECAUSE: NOTHING reminds us more that we are a strong community than being in one place together and reconnecting as friends and allies.
  • BECAUSE: We know what works and we need to share what we know with each other.
  • BECAUSE: When we come together, we can turn the way things are now into the way they should be.

Hosted by Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon

Questions? Call us! (503) 922-2377

or E-mail: peerpocalypse@mhaoforegon.org