PEERPOCALYPSE is a conference of leaders, emerging leaders, innovators, and peers who want to become more involved in the peer community. Adopting the philosophy that peers bring with them a great deal of knowledge and expertise, the event is about bringing the community together to share information, skills, and experience.



Register online through the register tab or via US Mail using the registration form below. Early-bird registration is $175 and will be available until January 31st. As of February 1st, registration will increase to $195.


Registration includes:  T-shirt, badge, program, three lunches, two snacks, and entry into workshops and evening events.


This year we would love to offer scholarships to Peers who may not have the funds to attend the conference. If you would like to help, please consider making a small donation and forming a Team to fund-raise on your behalf! Click on the image to start your campaign today. 


If you would like to apply for a scholarship, we are diligently fundraising, but in the meantime we can help you fundraise by creating a campaign. For more details, contact Sunny at 

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Hosted by Mental Health Association of Oregon

Questions? Call us! (503) 922-2377

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